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Sous vide machines is owned by Silicon Valley digital media corporation the Luvve Group.

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Our Chief Editor of Sous vide machines – Mr. John Wingate has been involved in the food and beverage industry for over 15 years. John has managed large catering companies servicing some of the largest global brands catering needs.

John’s extensive experience in the food industry gives confidence the information provided by our writers and guest bloggers is of the highest quality.

So why did we choose Sous Vide machines to focus on?

Why Sous Vide?

Cooking the traditional way for many years, the name it self may sound fancy, but it is our view mastering this style of cooking is easiest way to get that perfectly cooked steak or fish poached to perfection.

We simply love it and want to share our passion cooking the Sous vide way. When you love something so much you want to share your passion.

You simply seal the ingredients in a plastic bag or jar and place them in a water container that can set and hold a target temperature to within a degree or two.

In our experience, the sous vide method gives us the results that are impossible to achieve consistently by other traditional means.

We want to help you enjoy that perfect Sous vide cooking experience, whether it’s steak, vegetables or large cuts of meat like roasts and lamb.

With foods like steaks and chicken breasts sous vide simply removes all the guesswork involved. No thermometer, no cutting and letting those succulent juices out, just perfect results every single time.

We hope you enjoy our passion and it can become yours.

We would love to hear from you and your experiences.

As is our own love of cooking and providing you the best information and reviews possible from our own experience.

We love hearing from our readers and if you have had a positive experience from our site or even your own experience cooking the Sous Vide way we would love to hear from you.

Together this is a resource we want to keep growing and building quality content. If you want to do a guest post or give us other ideas or ways you have used the Sous Vide method we want to hear from you.

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